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“This was by far the best and most creative team building event that I have participated in. It was such a pleasure to be in the kitchen and to watch a chef of his status walk through a fabulous recipe in a very engaging and entertaining way.”

~ Sammy, Toronto Microsoft

A story of Israeli cuisine

“Culinary is the culture that bring people together.” Chef Jabarian

Join world renowned Chef Jabarin and experience a private virtual interactive culinary class live from Tel Aviv. Together with Chef Jabarin, prepare creative, modern and authentic Israeli cuisine. You will gain insight into Israeli culture today in this lively and exciting cooking class.

Chef Jabarian, pursued his passion for cooking, culinary school in Haifa. He has been working at the Hilton Tel Aviv for the last 20 years and has been the executive chef for the last five years, overseeing 80 chefs and the cities highest regarded culinary program in Israel. Over the past 30 years, he has perfected his culinary talents by working as a guest chef at a considerable number of hotels. fine dining rooms, and Michelin restaurants in London, Paris, Italy, Portugal, Barcelona, Tokyo and other cities around the globe. He has hosted culinary festivals at the invitation of the Israeli Foreign Ministry for Israel embassies abroad which has connected him to food and tastes around the world. He prides himself on cooking with fresh products and herbs.

Cost / $115 per person*

* This event is based on per person, with a minimum of 12.

Sweet or Savory? The Art of Crepe & Galette Making

Your choice; sweet, savory or both! In this 90 minute virtual trip to France, we visit Chef Jackson in her Paris or Nice kitchen. Chef Jackson hosts travelers from all over the world, including students, teaching them French cuisine.

Chef Jackson moved to France in 1995, starting as a food journalist, writing for several editions of the Time Out Paris Eating and Drinking guide and contributed to publications such as Food & Wine, Eating Well, The Financial Times, Australian Gourmet Traveller, and France Magazine. She has also published three cookbooks in French, and offers custom culinary-centric itineraries for those traveling to France.

Cost / $985 for up to 20

$1075 for over 20

A Fun & Casual Approach to the Wines of France

Native from the Loire Valley, Laetitia Rey grew up surrounded by castles and vines thinking it was a common thing. She had to live and work in London to find out both the architecture and the wine production from her home region were so eclectic and appreciated by connoisseurs. Back in France, Laetitia passed French tour guide certification and a M.A in wine tourism

so she could share her love for the Loire Valley vineyard and her passion for French history. During her guided tours or her tasting course, she always combines history, geology with wine and food because this is what makes France so French! With a 10 years experience in wine tasting, she started the WSET journey to deepen her knowledge as an educator.


Three types of culinary events available - for more information, please refer to the following slide.

Cost / $785 (60 minute), $845 (90 minute)

Add-On’s +

* We can add this 60-minute tasting onto any of our culinary live events.

A Fun & Casual Approach to the Wines of France - continued

Introduction to wine tasting - (Beginner) There is nothing more subjective than the enjoyment of a glass of wine. During this 1-hour session, you will improve your tasting abilities with the white wine and the red wine of your choice. Laetitia will guide you through the experience to help you understand your own appreciation of wine.

The Face-Off - (Intermediate) Let’s pick 3 wines from 3 regions with one common feature: the grape variety. During this 90-min session, you will compare 3 unblended wines made of (TBD). A single- grape wine tasting is the best way to reveal the true character of a varietal but also to understand how different a wine taste regarding its terroir, climate, production, aging, etc.

A world of sparkling wine - Sparkling wine is probably the most technical (and fun) wine to produce but sadly underrepresented when it comes to wine tasting. During this 90-min session, you will get to know what makes a wine really fizzy or slightly bubbly, crisp or creamy, light or rich through the tasting of a Prosecco, a Crémant and a Champagne. With this new level of knowledge of bubbly, participants will be able to better carefully choose the right bubbly to welcome 2021 and wish 2020 goodbye.

* We will provide very helpful cards that describe smell and taste attributes of different grape varieties. No charge.​

* Wine and champagne to be shipped Option 2 and 3. We have some flexibility here based on the budget of participants.

Mexican Street Food - Traditional or Contemporary

“In 2019, CNN Travel recognized Chef Mavi as Puerto Vallarta’s culinary ambassador for her contributions to the food community”

Mavi Graf is Puerto Vallarta’s favorite private chef. For the last fifteen years, she has taught foodies to cook popular Mexican recipes from the heart of her kitchen, while Arte Culinario, her catering company, hosted the most fabulous parties in town. In 2019, CNN Travel recognized Chef Mavi as Puerto Vallarta’s culinary ambassador for her contributions to the food community. In her online cooking class, guests learn both traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine, guided live by a professional chef and national food personality.”

Cost / $785

* Up to 18 participants.

Add-On’s +

* Specific menu determined upon initial discussion.
* Option for change of theme to “Flavors of the Mexican Pacific”

Brazilian Food Tales with Chef Fabio

Get introduced to Brazilian cuisine. Begin with an introductory “tale” behind the cultural and heritage aspects of the dishes you will be preparing. But first! Learn how to perfectly blend the signature Caipirinha. Create dishes such as Moqueca, Feijoada and its garnishes, or Carne de Sol, aka the Brazilian Cowboy meal and of course, dessert!

While you enjoy your prepared meal, we can take you behind the scenes of the world-famous Carnival celebration. Explore behind-the-scenes by virtually touring backstageand the artistry and imagination involved in the creation of Carnival.

Cost / $92 per guest

Add-On’s +

* Virtual Percussion or samba demonstration, 20-30 minutes. Explore an amazing carnival percussion demonstration and be amused with the heart of the samba: the drums!

* Real carnival musicians playing just for you and your guests! This online experience is a perfect way to end your day after one or two caipirinhas.

* $25 per guest (Minimum of 15 paying guests)

The Best Spaghetti Tomato with Michelin Chef Valentino

Chef Valentino describes his cuisine as authentic and says his favorite part of being a chef is the “the satisfaction I feel when I see happiness in the faces of those who I cook for”.

Want to cook a Michelin star dish? Learn to prepare Chef Valentino’s famous spaghetti tomato! This is a unique dish that took Chef Valentino five years to create and assisted him in earning his Michelin star. Learn more about what makes this dish so unique and delicious, and why we believe it is the best spaghetti dish in all of Italy! You will be transports to Chef’s home kitchen in Sicily.

Cost / $995

Add-On’s +

* Add a cocktail demonstration to your culinary event. We can even arrange for every participant to receive the traditional glassware for their perfect Aperol Spritz ahead of time!

Private Virtual Events Available

Please inquire for pricing at

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