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Advisor Travel Trends - Alicia McCarthy

"Traveling Trends"

Sunny, relaxing, change of scenery. But has to be safe and the hotel must offer easy on site testing for the departure test.

Where are they going?

Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Hawaii.

What is one of your favorites?

Aruba flying on JetBlue. They've partnered with Vault to make testing easy and very accessible. Ask me about it!

We work with Classic Vacations (tag them) to these destinations as they

Shout out to Nick Hjletness at Classic for aiding in postponing and getting incredible outcomes for our clients this past year!

In the spotlight - Alicia has been hard at work behind the scenes, keeping the TRAVELLUSTRE team deeply connected to our hotel partners, local destination management partners, and experience makers.

Contact Alicia for the "ins and outs" of the best spots to stay in the Caribbean!



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