Yana Shvets

Social Media Content Curator


Yana is a social media marketer by profession, an artist by passion and a traveler by living. She has more than five years of experience both on the agency side and as a freelancer. Yana manages the development and execution of online strategies for brands of various industries in an array of countries. With her background as an online business owner and on the agency side as a director of digital, she experienced life on both sides of the fence. In addition, Yana is extremely passionate about travelling and it has become her life-style. She was settled in Thailand for more than three years. This afforded her the opportunity to volunteer at a social responsible company aiding local hilltribes hold self-sustainable life. She also spent a few months in Vietnam and Bali, adjusting to their cultural differences, exploring all of the South-East Asia. She has also called Colombia, Peru, Bordeaux, Barcelona, and Corfu home for months at a time.

Yana’s adventures inspired her constant creation which brought her to a new artistic path. Now she is not only a social media manager with enormous travel baggage but also a full-time travelling artist. Every destination Yana explores finds its way in a watercolor painting, as well as all interested in art people can attend her master-class in a city she visits. 

There are thousands of stories Yana can share with travelers and this is why TRAVELLUSTRE trusted her to manage the social media channels.