Why Us

We are well-traveled, diverse, transparent, ethical, multi-lingual, professional, accredited, creative, and passionate about our professions.

Message From the Founder

Kristin Chambers, CTC

I am proud to introduce TRAVELLUSTRE, a Boston-based portfolio of carefully recruited travel experts who all share a common goal; to mindfully curate itineraries that align with your  lifestyle and special interests.


 We are not cookie-cutter, we are not mass market. We take time to leverage our collective partnerships globally, to peel away the layers of typical tourism and connect you to the heart of a destination. We envision taking your trip "one step further." Mediocre is not in our vernacular. How we can raise the bar in travel and tee up transformative experiences for you is our wheelhouse.


After working with clients all over the world, custom designing travel itineraries to every continent for 18 years, I have experienced many changes in the way travelers are exposed to travel. Over the years, the definition of luxury travel has expanded to mean different things to different people. One luxury we are all in search of is transparency and another luxury we are all short of, is time.


That’s why when you book with us, you’ll get access to our trusted global network and our team behind you, opening  doors for you that are inaccessible for everyone else.

We’re passionate about the power of custom travel, and our team continually treks the globe to find honest experiences and exceptional properties that are worthy of your time.

Responsible Travel

As part of one of the world’s largest industries, travel and tourism, which employs one out of 11 people on the planet, we are committed to harnessing the power of travel as a force for good. We make every effort to make sure our partners on the ground are furthering that goal and share our values.


Our TRAVELLUSTRE Team partners with hotels, tour guides and eco-tourism and wildlife tourism outfitters that prioritize humane, responsible and thoughtful practices, ranging from supporting local communities to being mindful of the wildlife, to sustainability measures. We believe protecting natural and cultural heritage and doing so in an environmentally responsible way, is not a luxury – it is our responsibility.  



TRAVELLUSTRE is a Boston-based, full service, modern day travel agency with a dedicated team of executive-level travel designers. We are passionate about creating stylish experiences to meet the unique styles of those who travel with us.


P 617-221-4242

E – hello@travellustre.com


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