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Premium Air

Upgrade The Way You Fly

Experience comfort on Your Journey, Not Only at Your Destination.

Commercial Air

  • In-Travel mobile app. We will sync and organize your commercial flights to our app, so you are kept on top of your schedule and gate changes.  

  • Looking to fly business or first? Through our preferred airline partnerships, we will find the air option you want, frequently at a discounted rate. 

  • Prior to departure. We confirm seating preferences and frequent flyer, TSA, and global entry is included. All advanced passenger information is added to your booking, to expedite your check in process  

  • Airport Concierge.  For those who want a seamless and expedited arrival, transfer connection, or departure experience, we partner with trusted airport concierge services who will ensure a seamless airport experience.

Private Air

"We bring you the most competitive private air through our partnerships with Apollo/XO jets. Expect to receive the highest standards of service delivered for your private air experience.

Domestic or International, short hauls or long hauls, we have you covered.

  • Private jet services. Through our long-term relationships with the industry’s most trusted private aviation fleets, we will maximize your travel investment with competitive pricing and state-of-the-art safety.

  • Private aircrafts. We will navigate you through the vast differences in private aircrafts, ensuring your aviation experience is exactly how you envision. Our aviation concierge services will ensure your aircraft is provisioned accordingly.

  • Immediate and constant contact. In addition to the pre-flight fare analysis and consultation, we will monitor your flight for any changes that affect your travel plans. If your flight is affected in any way, we will assist you with alternate arrangements to minimize the disruptions.

  • Full in flight provisioning managed on your behalf.

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