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Family Travel

See the world with generations of your family, growing closer by going farther.  Whether your family includes little ones who will thrive in a family-friendly resort or a broad range of ages who will relish the opportunity to see natural wonders that may not be around for the next generation, our “clients” are not just individuals, but “families.”

Experiences for Two

Embark on a journey that focuses on reconnection between the two of you. We work with couples to understand your travel goals and weaving in thoughtful nuances along the way.

Hotels / Resorts/ Villas

A villa on Lake Como, a castle in Ireland, a Mexican hacienda.  We have exclusive access to properties with  five-star services and amenities such as complimentary airport transfers, 24-hour concierge and bespoke excursions. Our communication with upper management prior to your arrival ensures your stay will be elevated.


Ever come home exhausted after your “vacation”?  The goal of wellness travel is to check-out feeling  better than when you checked-in!  Prioritize self-care, re-define happiness, and restore your capacity to show up to life with the tools for mindful and intentional living.

Adventure & Sport

For some, adventure could mean leisurely biking through Provence. For others, it might entail trekking the foothills of the Himalayas.  We carefully select our partners, who are leaders in their niche markets.


Some people want to visit locations with services or events designed specifically with LGBTQ travelers in mind. Others may just look for destinations and service providers that ensure that they will be safe as a family, welcomed and respected throughout their trip.

Solo Travel

Whether you opt for a Southeast Asia custom itinerary with local guides by your side, an African safari, cruise, or travel to Europe, solo travel is an exceptionally gratifying way to experience the world. Independent travel gives you the time and space to reflect on your terms. We have scouted the most notable partners to ensure your independent journey is transformative and well worth your investment.

Events & Entertainment

Once in a lifetime experiences around the world. We have exclusive insider partnerships with purchasing access to over 95,000 exciting live events around the world including sports, concerts, theatre, and special events. We can take your entertainment in travel to the next level.

Food & Wine

Discover the unique terroir of onions in France, go truffle hunting with canine guides in Umbria, become an expert on street food in Seoul.  Experience the essence of a culture with your senses leading the way. Our culinary travel experts will create your "travel mise en place", to not just be an “amuse bouche,” but an “amuse joi de vivre.” Some of our travel designers sit on the Saveur advisory board and scout the world for the exceptional and memorable in all things culinary.


We leverage our partnerships, network, and years of designing custom group travel so you can enjoy the process and not get overwhelmed. With experience ranging from 200+ to the Caribbean, to celebratory experiences in Europe, we can manage your group's travel with logistical ease.

TL Exclusive

Custom designed around-the-world travel for two via private jet, private island buy-out, or procuring a world-renown expert to deep dive into your destination. The possibilities are endless, and our network runs deep. Our "Blackbook" of global insiders can deliver the WOW factor in ultraluxe travel.



Upgraded travel experiences for the modern day traveler. Responsibly designed with love by our intrepid travel consultants. Headquartered in Boston and based all over the world.


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