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Expedition to North Pole


North Pole Luxury Expedition Cruise

Departure date Jul 10 - Jul 27, 2024


18 Days


From $47,995 per person 

*We have a $1500 air credit per person and 50% OFF single supplement.

Children 7-18 are complimentary

Please contact our Boston Travel Agency TRAVELLUSTRE at for questions or booking inquiries

North Pole Expedition Cruise: The Ultimate Frontier 2024

Embark on the ultimate expedition to an Arctic frontier like no other. On this, our inaugural expedition to the North Pole, you’ll explore in comfort aboard the innovative new icebreaker, ‘Le Commandant Charcot'. Cruise ever northward into a seldom-seen realm of sea ice, your Captain charting a course to the geographic North Pole as you enjoy a wealth of enriching programs and luxurious amenities on board.


  • Embark on a quest for the grail of Arctic exploration, the geographic North Pole, as your Captain and Expedition Team chart a course through the sea ice

  • Cruise in luxury aboard ‘Le Commandant Charcot,’ one of the world’s most advanced and eco-friendly polar expedition vessels

  • Delve into a wealth of enriching onboard programs, scientific workshops and wellness opportunities

  • Explore the marginal ice zone, home to seal, whale, seabirds and the elusive polar bear

  • Dive right into the Arctic adventure with opportunities to hike, kayak or take an invigorating polar plunge

  • Celebrate the culmination of your expedition with a Champagne toast at 90° North


July 10

Arrive in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the staging point for your epic adventure to the geographic North Pole. Upon arrival, you are met and escorted a few steps to the conveniently located Radisson Blu Airport Hotel. This evening, gather for a welcome briefing and dinner.

July 11

Board a charter flight to Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard, also known as Spitsbergen, the sovereign Arctic Archipelago of Norway. It is one of the most remote groups of islands on the planet, with nearly two-thirds of its surface covered in luminous glaciers. Time permitting, visit the tiny town and its Arctic Museum. Then, board ‘Le Commandant Charcot,’ your cutting-edge, eco-friendly luxury expedition vessel and embark on your voyage into the Arctic frontier.

July 12

Awake to your first morning aboard as your vessel cruises past the Sjuøyane Islands, the northernmost islands of the remote Svalbard Archipelago. Today, your Expedition Team presents a series of enriching onboard lectures discussing the vast Arctic frontier of sea and pack ice you will venture into over the coming days. As you settle into the rhythm of life on board, take in the scenery from the ship’s deck as the last piece of land south of the Arctic pack ice slowly slips beyond the horizon. Continue north toward the marginal ice zone (MIZ), a far-flung Arctic realm of elusive blue, rorqual and beluga whale. Later tonight, enjoy a welcome dinner hosted by the Captain.

July 13-17

Over the next five days, ‘Le Commandant Charcot’ navigates through the MIZ into the heart of the Arctic. Slowly cruising amid this vast expanse of virgin sea ice, the Captain uses the ship’s advanced navigation systems to thread through naturally open channels and transit areas where the frozen layer is thinnest. As this stunning Arctic scene drifts past, keep your eyes peeled for polar bear and high arctic gulls. Throughout your voyage, your ship’s luxurious amenities afford ample opportunities to unwind with daily wellness classes, dips in the indoor and outdoor pools, relaxing sauna sessions or visits to the full-service salon and spa. There is also a wide variety of onboard enrichment opportunities on offer, such as hands-on scientific research projects, visits to the ship’s lab and bridge, stargazing sessions, seamanship and polar survival workshops, cooking demonstrations, photo contests and more. The anticipation builds with each passing day as your Captain charts the clearest path to your expedition’s objective: the seldom-visited geographic North Pole.

July 18-19

Conditions permitting, continue the quests of Matthew Henson, Robert Peary, Frederick Cook, Roald Amundsen and other elite Arctic explorers as you seek out the geographic North Pole over the coming days. Upon finding the most favorable path through the pack ice, the Captain endeavors to position the GPS antennae of ‘Le Commandant Charcot’ directly on 90° North latitude, the coordinate marking the geographic North Pole. The culmination of your intrepid expedition is marked by a Champagne toast and celebration on the ship’s helideck. The following day, the Captain seeks out a nearby floe suitable for a gangway landing onto the ice’s surface. Then, your Expedition Team leads the way across the ice for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op and perhaps, if you are willing, a polar plunge.

July 20-25

The next days at sea are filled with enrichment programs and, conditions permitting, opportunities to venture to the ice. Along the way, you may even have the chance to hike on the ice or kayak through open leads. There is also time to reflect on your spectacular voyage and share your experiences with the newfound friends you’ve made along the way. During the transition through the MIZ back into more open waters, keep watch for harbor and bearded seal, walrus and a multitude of seabirds. As the ship draws closer to Longyearbyen, your Captain hosts a festive farewell cocktail reception, gala dinner and celebration — a fittingly spectacular conclusion to your once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

July 26

This morning, disembark your vessel in Longyearbyen and transfer to the airport for your charter flight to Oslo. Upon arrival, you are escorted through an indoor corridor leading from the terminal to the Radisson Blu Airport hotel. Enjoy the last dinner of your North Pole adventure with your fellow explorers.

July 27

After breakfast at the hotel, you are escorted on the short walk back to the terminal for your homebound flight.

Please contact our Boston Travel Agency TRAVELLUSTRE at for questions or booking inquiries

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