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Jacqui Tetreault

Travel Advisor

I have always had a desire to travel, explore, and discover new destinations. After studying abroad in Australia and backpacking through South America, I realized my passion could be translated into a career in travel. With a background in hospitality and design, I forged connections across the globe and became skilled at uncovering the elusive and exclusive.

Over the past 8 years, I have crafted custom private journeys for the discerning traveler within the ultra-luxe travel community. From planning remote hiking excursions across glaciers to relaxing family retreats at a luxury villa and South African safaris to yachting along the Dalmatian Coast, I have partnered with clients, enabling them to experience the transformative power of travel.

When I work with clients, building a relationship is my priority. I take time to get to know each client to understand their interests, goals, and unique travel styles, which allows me to tailor every journey individually. Through relentless research, I expertly match your taste and style to the perfect accommodations. I curate authentic experiences and meticulously plan all the details so you can have a seamless time away and be truly present.

At TRAVELLUSTRE, we work with the understated yet chic and sophisticated who are looking to leverage their valuable time away into creating lasting memories with the ones they love. We understand the value of investing in travel and aim to enrich your experience through our extensive knowledge, continuous exploration, and exceptional service.

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