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Michelle Wolins

Travel Advisor

Michelle Wolins is deeply passionate about three things: People, Travel, and Luxury. Her love for exploring the world was ignited during her time living in Sydney, Australia, and traveling to the Middle East as a young adult. After studying in Los Angeles, at The American college of London, Michelle enjoyed a career in the hospitality industry traveling between New York, Texas, and California. Michelle was swept off her feet by her husband Barry and became a full-time resident of Durban, South Africa. She had the privilege of calling South Africa home for thirteen years, during which, she was deeply influenced by the diverse culture, fantastic food, beautiful people, and rich history. Michelle was again struck by the wonder of travel and the positive influence on her own personal development.


In 2009, Michelle returned to the United States and became a certified Life Coach, dedicating her time to helping individuals discover their strengths and achieve their goals. Combining her passion for travel with her joy of assisting others, she began crafting exceptional, personalized travel itineraries.


Michelle firmly believes in the significance of PEOPLE and the value of the company you keep. She recognizes the transformative power of TRAVEL, which brings fresh inspiration to every person, and she understands the importance of LUXURY, whether it be in the form of time, ease of exploration, or unparalleled quality.


Michelle takes pleasure in creating extraordinary and unforgettable travel experiences, individually designed for every one of her clients.

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