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Advisor Travel Trends - Kerry Fee

"Traveling Trends"

Domestic travel and supporting small local tourism. It's a trickle down effect. Ensuring I educate clients on exactly where their tourism dollars are going, from the hotel to the purveyors and hospitality communities. It matters.

Where are they going?

Charleston SC is a destination that truly has it all. History, on the water, stunning architecture, incredible local artisans. Not to mention the killer food scene! One of my absolute favorite cities in the US, and is a must visit.

What is one of your favorites?

The Dewbury Hotel- elegance meets retro chic with a rooftop bar you can not miss. "Every square inch of The Dewberry reflects a tight-knit collaboration between preservationists, designers, architects, artists and artisans"- Dewbury

In the Spotlight - Kerry was awarded Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist for 2021

Contact Kerry for a custom designed long weekend in Charleston S.C. She knows the purvery players!



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