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Advisor Travel Trends - Kristin Chambers

"Traveling Trends"

"Gateway" trips. Clients who have postponed or are holding off on farther flung destinations have a yearning to go somewhere. But let's face it, even the most intrepid travelers need to ease back into traveling. Gateway trips are just that

"Where are they going"

Sunny Islands that have had low numbers and have strict protocols, for example Anguilla.

What's one of your favorites you are booking right now?

One & Only Mandarina - imagine yourself in your own treehouse pool villa nestled in the jungle, overlooking the sea.

In the spotlight- Published in Boston Globe. See Kristin's contribution to the Globe's article on "Revenge Travel; Farther & Longer" by Jon Marcus. Winter 2021

Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist 2021



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