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Sarah L. Thompson

Travel Advisor


Sarah L. Thompson is the young visionary CEO of Luxama Travel, LLC, renowned for crafting bespoke luxury vacations. With a home, a rich background, and expert experience along the Amalfi Coast, she founded Luxama in 2020 to redefine luxury travel with personalized, high-touch experiences. Her partnership with TRAVELLUSTRE enhances offerings worldwide, focusing notably on the Amalfi Coast, Italy and other European destinations. Fluent in English and Italian, Sarah's cultural fluency enriches client interactions, ensuring seamless, culturally immersive journeys. She is committed to sustainable tourism, she advocates for responsible practices, and also offers extremely valuable travel insider tips through her social media channels. Sarah's innovative approach and client-centric philosophy have earned Luxama Travel acclaim, setting new standards in luxury vacations globally. As she believes, "Luxury truly has a different definition for everyone...

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