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9 Days to discover the most enchantig island


Sicily, Italy


9 days

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Day 1: Arrival in Palermo

Hotel Reservation in Palermo for 2 nights 5* option: Villa Igiea, a Rocco Forte Hotel

Boutique accommodation: Palazzo Natoli

Transportation service with Mercedes E Class and English speaking driver from Palermo Airport to Palermo Hotel. Palermo city tour and welcome dinner

Palermo is a city full of people, colors and scents. It’s a mix of great history, beautiful architecture and renowned gastronomy. A great way to get in touch with the welcoming atmosphere of Palermo, by joining our local guide that will share information about the city with their personal touch. After a pleasant walk in the core of the city, you will be hosted by Annalisa at her house.

She will prepare a delicious dinner and introduce you to the Sicilian cooking.
You will sit together around the table and share food, stories and laughters – all the right ingredients for a great experience!


Services included:

• Half Day English speaking local guide service in Palermo • Sicilian welcome dinner in a private house in Palermo

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Day 2: Segesta & Monreale


  • Full Day Transportation service with Mercedes E Class and English speaking driver for the tour of Segesta &

  • Monreale

  • Full Day English speaking

    guide service

  • Entrance tickets to

    Segesta archeological Park and Cathedral of Monreale


Full Day

Pick up from the hotel: 9:00 amSegesta was one of the three cities founded by the Elymians, whose origins, according to the mythical tradition, date back to the Trojans. Here we will admire a majestic Doric temple, which is located into wonderful scenery of rocks and vineyards, and then will reach the Acropolis, where a delicious ancient theater still stands. From there, you can enjoy a stunning view on the temple below and the marvelous landscape around it. Time at leisure for lunch. Hop in the car and drive to visit the Norman Cathedral of Monreale that arise above the very fertile valley called ‘’La Conca d’oro’’ (‘’The Golden Shell’’) where the almond, orange and olive trees grow. You will be enchanted by the gold mosaics of the Cathedral, that covers almost the whole interior of the church. You can’t miss the cloister with over 200 arches decorated with magnificent details.

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Day 3: Valley of the Temples in between Palermo and Agrigento


  • Transportation service with Mercedes E Class and English speaking driver from

  • Palermo to Agrigento

  • 2 hours of private local

    guide service for touring

    of the Valley of Temples

  • Entrance tickets to the

    Valley of Temples


Full Day

Agrigento is a city located in southwest Sicily. It lies near the top of Mediterranean Sea. The city is famous for the ancient museums, Roman ruins and several other archaeological structures.Walk along the Valley of the Temples - one of the most magnificent examples of Ancient Greek architecture which features 7 temples: Temple of Juno, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Heracles, Temple of Zeus Olympic, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Temple of Vulcan, and Temple of Asclepius. Drop off at the hotel at the end of the tour.

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Day 4: Hiking in Sant’Angelo Muxaro


  • Roundtrip transportation service with jeep from Agrigento to Sant’Angelo Muxaro 

  • Full Day private local naturalistic guide service 

  • Local products tasting and pocket lunch 


Hiking in Sant’Angelo Muxaro
Hotel Reservation in Taormina for 3 nights: Mazzaò Sea Palace, 5* down the cliff over the beach Hotel Metropole, 5* in the historical centre up to the cliff
Hotel San Pietro, 5* up in the cliff and walking disance to the historical centre 


9 hours

About 30 kilometers from Agrigento, nestled in the hinterland, lies a quaint village atop a solitary hill in the midst of the Platani river valley. Here, time seems to slow down, with panoramic vistas of sprawling valleys, rolling hills, and majestic mountains lining the journey to reach it. The gentle flow of the river, herds grazing leisurely, and locals strolling the streets or engaging in card games at the bar all contribute to the village’s nostalgic ambiance, as if tethered to a past that remains palpably present. While the area boasts a rich history, significant archaeological sites, and breathtaking natural beauty, it’s the warmth of human connections and the genuine hospitality of its residents that truly define its allure. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque village lanes, pausing for delightful tastings and serendipitous encounters along the way. Sample freshly made cheeses from a local family, savor traditional “pani cunzatu” (bread with local olive oil and pepper), almond cookies, and honey, all while engaging with skilled artisans and friendly locals. Venture outside the village to explore the archaeological area and the Ciavuli Cave Natural Reserve. Wander through olive groves, almond orchards, pistachio trees, and prickly pear cacti, eventually arriving at the southern ridge of the archaeological site, adorned with approximately 110 ancient tombs. Along the way, marvel at the weathered gypsum houses and ancient farmsteads that dot the landscape. Conclude the journey at the Necropolis of Grotticelle, nestled within a forest, where you can savor a delightful picnic lunch amidst the tranquil surroundings. As you make your way back to the village, soak in panoramic views of the Platani river valley and the majestic Mt. Castello, leaving behind cherished memories of a truly immersive Sicilian experience.


Day 5: Villa Romana del Casale in between Agrigento and Taormina


  • Transportation service with Mercedes E Class and English speaking driver from Agrigento to Taormina with stop at Villa Romana del
    hours stop) 

  • 2 hours of private local guide service at

  • Entrance tickets to the Villa Romana del Casale


Hotel Reservation in Taormina for 3 nights:
Mazzaò Sea Palace, 5* down the cliff over the beach
Hotel Metropole, 5* in the historical centre up to the cliff
Hotel San Pietro, 5* up in the cliff and walking distance to the historical centre 


Full Day 

Visit the Villa del Casale, a very well preserved Roman villa, built between 330 and 360 AD, with the richest and largest complex collection of Roman mosaics in the world. The architectural style of the villa is very interesting because it differs greatly from the one of roman urban houses in Pompei and Ercolano


Day 6: Cooking Class in Taormina


  • Breakfast with Granita & Brioche 

  • 3 hours cooking lesson with local professional chef and lunch 

  • 4 courses lunch 

  • 1/4 l Sicilian wine and 1/2
    mineral water 

  • Embroidered and customized apron 

  • Sicilian Cooking Class Certificate 

Half Day 

Meeting with the chef at the hotel at 10:30 am. The guide will meet the guests at the place where the cooking class will be held after lunch at 3:00 pm. Picking the freshest ingredient is the first step to cook a genuine and tasteful Sicilian specialities. That’s why you will be accompanied to the local market to learn how to pick the right and fresh ingredients, but right after the typical Sicilian breakfast with Granita & Brioche in the central Piazza IX Aprile. After choosing the ingredients, get ready to tie your apron and to to cook under the watchful eye of the professional local chef in a typical and traditional restaurant in Taormina, who will offer helpful guidance along the way to successfully create a typical Sicilian menu. You will cook an entire menu? (starter, pasta, second dish) according to local culinary traditions and techniques that you can use to impress family and friends back home! You will learn also the right wine to pair with the dishes you cooked yourself. It is not only a simple cooking class: it is an unforgettable experience that you will never forget!

Day 6: After lunch: Walking tour of Taormina


  • 2 hours walking tour of Taormina with a private local guide

  • Entrance tickets to
    the Ancient Theatre in Taormina

Half Day 

Taormina, located on the slopes of Monte Tauro, has been dubbed the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” by the renowned German baron Wilhelm von Gloeden. This lively town seems to have been crafted to captivate the senses and ignite the imagination. Whether you’re drawn by its rich history, seeking a romantic getaway, or simply longing for relaxation, Taormina offers it all. Every church, street, and building exudes the vibrant colors, bustling energy, and enchanting charm that characterize Sicily. The crown jewel of Taormina is undoubtedly the Ancient Greek Theater, boasting a stunning backdrop of Mount Etna and the azure waters of the Ionian Sea. Join our knowledgeable guide to explore this historic site and discover its secrets. Taormina’s allure extends beyond its picturesque scenery; it has attracted a myriad of notable figures throughout history, including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Gustav Klimt. Let our guide lead you through Taormina’s charming streets, from the iconic Ancient Theatre to the quaint Vicolo Stretto, and immerse yourself in the dolce vita embraced by the town’s illustrious visitors.


Day 7: A volcanic day on the North slope of Mount Etna


  • Full Day transportation service with jeep 4x4 for the visit of Mt Etna

  • Full day private naturalistic guide service

  • Visit of a winery on the slopes of Mount Etna

  • Wine tasting of 3 wines and light lunch in the

  • winery

Full Day 

Enjoy the great outdoors as you explore the majestic Mount Etna! Your adventure begins with a pickup from your hotel, followed by a guided tour through the breathtaking landscapes of Mount Etna National Park. Accompanied by our expert guide, traverse the protected area surrounding the volcano and marvel at the ever-changing scenery. Ascend the slopes of the volcano, passing through orchards of orange and olive trees, picturesque vineyard terraces, and lush forests of pine, beech, and birch. Witness the dramatic lava fields and delve into the natural history of one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Explore the ancient inactive Etna craters alongside your private guide, who will illuminate the fascinating history of this extraordinary volcanic terrain. Conclude your tour with a delightful lunch served at a charming winery nestled amidst the slopes of Mount Etna.


Day 8: Exploring Syracuse


  • Full Day Transportation service with Mercedes E Class and English speaking driver for the tour of Siracusa

  • Half Day English speaking local guide service in Siracusa

  • Entrance tickets to the Cathedral of Ortigia and Archeological Area

  • Visit to the Sicilian puppet maker lab

Full Day 

The entire city of Syracuse is a Unesco World Heritage Site. On the west coast of the Sicily, it was founded in 734 BC by Greek colonizers, Syracuse was one of the most powerful cities of the Mediterranean sea. Rich in Ancient Greek history, the city features stunning architecture, and was the birthplace of mathematician Archimedes. Visit the archeological sites of ancient Syracuse with Greek theater, Necropolis and the Amphitheater of Roman Imperial age. The majestic Greek Theatre of Syracuse, carved into the heart of the mountains, is the place where Plato once performed. Then travel to the charming Ortigia Island - the center and the heart of Syracuse. Start the sightseeing of Ortigia with a walk around to soak up the sights. As you pass through the Piazza Duomo, marvel the magnificent cathedral built in the 7th century over the great Temple of Athena, you can still see the doric column’s along the sides. Enjoy the beautiful promenade along the sea where you can find the Fountain of Arethusa, famous from the Greek myth.


Day 9: Transfert from Taormina to Catania Airport

Transportation service with Mercedes E Class and English speaking driver from Taormina to Catania Airport.

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