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Sophia Grimm

Travel Advisor

Growing up on the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard, my first trip around the world was spent ringing in my 12th birthday atop the Ngoro Ngoro crater in Tanzania. My travels have since brought me to nearly 70 countries from volunteering in Ghana and Colombia to pampered stays at some of the top lodges of Botswana and Indonesia.  


With over 5 years of luxury travel planning under my belt, I have pulled off everything from Endless Summer-style surf trips through Asia and Europe, pampered retreats at some of the world’s top spas, unforgettable family reunions at the most exquisite villas in the Caribbean, and countless safaris from gorilla treks in Rwanda to ultra-luxe sojourns throughout Southern Africa.  


A passion for anthropology offers me a unique lens through which I can appreciate the connective and transformative power of travel, while my extensive background in hospitality allows me to tailor journeys to match a client’s unique travel style and ensures that each journey is meticulously planned for a seamless and sublime experience.  


Nothing brings me more joy than to share my sense of wanderlust with others. I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you!

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