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Southern Chile


Santiago, Chile To Pucon, Chile


11 Days

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Lakes, Forests and Mountains of Southern Chile

Discover vibrant landscapes and a fascinating cultural heritage on this 11-day Chile tour to Santiago, the Lake Region and Patagonia.

This tour focusses on the glorious landscapes of Southern Chile, including some destinations that are well off the beaten path. The Lakes Region begins once you have crossed the Bío-Bío River, some 500 km south of the Chilean capital of Santiago. From this point on, temperatures are lower, the air more humid, and a landscape of snow-capped volcanoes and ancient forests starts to take over. However, this region is not all about nature. This is also an important cultural destination.

The Mapuche Indians form Chile’s largest ethnic group, and it was in this area that they fiercely defended their land against the Incas and the Spanish, proving themselves stubborn and daunting opponents. Neither empire advanced beyond this area, such was their resilience. German settlers arrived to the area in the 19th Century, and their stamp is particularly visible in-and-around Puerto Varas. Its natural wonders are of course the main attraction, and you will see no shortage of them during this fascinating Chile tour.

Where You'll Stay

The Singular Santiago

The Singular Santiago is a five-star luxury hotel located in the Lastarria neighbourhood, in the heart of downtown Santiago. The hotel was designed to fit seamlessly into this iconic neighbourhood, which epitomises the pride and creativity of the people of Santiago. 

Hotel Awa

Hotel AWA is located next to the magnificent Lake Llanquihue, 27 km from the city of Puerto Varas and on a 20 hectare estate that boasts a private beach, marina and beautiful natural wilderness. 

The Nawelpi Lodge

The Nawelpi Lodge (‘Puma Spirit’ in Mapudungun) is located in the middle of the forest where luxurious bungalows are situated in beautiful surroundings along the Fuy River. The Nawelpi Lodge is a place to relax and connect with nature.

Hacienda Hotel

The Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira is set in a beautiful and unique location close to Pucón. It features a 23-hectare park along the shores of the Liucura River and offers an oasis of peace and recreation. 



Day 1

  • Arrival at Santiago’s International Airport. You will then be driven to your hotel in Santiago.

  • Tour of Santiago.

  • Return to The Singular Santiago for dinner and an evening spent at your leisure.

Day 2

  • Your guide will collect you for a full day’s discovery of some of Chile’s finest wineries.

Day 3

  • Flight to the southern city of Puerto Montt. 

  • Discover the city of Puerto Varas and observe its unmistakable German-inspired architecture, modern residential and beautiful gardens. 

  • Spend two nights at Hotel AWA.

Day 4

  • Explore the magnificent Lake District.

  • Discover Petrohué, located on the shores of Lake Todos los Santos, in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

Day 5

  • Discover Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve.

  • In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounds at your leisure, with dinner served at the hotel’s restaurant. 

  • Spend three nights at The Nawelpi Lodge.

Day 6

  • You will have two full days to pick and choose from the fun-filled adventures at Huilo Huilo’s Nawelpi Lodge.

Day 7

  • Spend another day of fun-filled adventures at Huilo Huilo’s Nawelpi Lodge

Day 8

  • You will be driven to Pucón, your last destination on this exceptional Chile tour.

  • Spend 3 nights at Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira.

Day 9

  • You will have a full two days of activities arranged by the hotel.

Day 10

  • Enjoy another day of activities arranged by the hotel

Day 11

  • You will be collected after breakfast and driven to Temuco Airport for your flight to Santiago International Airport.

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