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Tara Misra

Tara Misra

Travel Advisor


After a fulfilling career in brand and digital marketing, I founded MIRA Travel Co., an affiliate of TRAVELLUSTRE, drawing inspiration from my personal wonder cultivated through lifelong travel. Raised by a fine wine buyer mom and history buff dad, I learned at an early age that travel has the power to shape who we are, inspire, break down barriers, and infuse love back into life through lasting connections.

With a commitment to ensuring each journey feels undeniably 'worth it' from start to finish, there’s no greater joy than hearing how a well-planned trip has transformed perspectives, reignited flames, or simply created unforgettable memories that can’t be googled. To make this happen, I prioritize building relationships with my clients to understand their unique preferences to create comprehensive customized itineraries. 

Let’s start turning your dream trip into a reality! With the support of the MIRA Travel Co., TRAVELLUSTRE, Virtuoso, and our hundreds of other partners worldwide, no adventure is out of reach.

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