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Transformational Japan




10 days, but adjustable

Experience Japan in a way that engages all your senses

To the outside eye, Japan is a mysterious, bewildering, and enigmatic culture. Seamlessly moving between cutting edge modern technology and ancient traditions and spirituality preserved over thousands of years, it is easy for newcomers to the “pearl of the Orient” to be overwhelmed.


Your journey to Japan will start with that which is most familiar, like entering a shallow end of a pool. In Tokyo you will be treated to high-end accommodations, urban cuisine and beverages, and make excursions in the very heart of the neon mega-city. You will be able to see the both the vastness of the metropolitan landscape from above, but also be able to come close to the street level living of Tokyo-ites. We have surprises in store for you: sumo, sushi, modern art, and retro hospitality from a vanishing age of the big city. Untrodden paths in a high traffic concrete jungle.


From here we move deeper into the water, the culture, the language, the history, and traditions. Kyoto, from astonishing UNESCO wonders to pristine tea houses to impossible to get hospitality with top-notch geisha performers, to meditation, and calm. Professional impeccable butlered assistance, translations, and interpretations are at your side all the way through.


And then, for those wishing to delve even deeper into the core of Japan, we take you to the very beating heart of the nation. West and south we travel to Japan’s mythological origins, and to the land of pilgrimage. Awajishima: the home of the Japanese gods and the birth of the people. Shikoku: the zen pilgrimage ring on the circumference of the island, and the path of Japan’s most revered saint. Here we let your hand go for a spell while you can walk as a true pilgrim on a pilgrimage path created 1,200 years ago. Seek enlightenment and awareness on your own path.


Once you have traveled with us to Japan you may never look at travel again in the same way. Experiences are tailor made, with extensive discussion with you, to provide a thematic and meaningful experience you will carry forever.

Where You'll Stay

Our treasured guests will find accommodations in both luxury modern hotels, highly respectable traditional Japanese ryokan (inns) complete with traditional services, or very secluded and elite machiya (traditional and private mini-residences).


Day One: From over the Sea

  • Arrival at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport

  • Settling into your luxury hotel

  • Optional evening excursion in downtown Tokyo

Day Two: Canal

  • Experience the Tokyo Imperial Palace Canal (like being in a woodblock painting by Hokusai)

  • Cultural and Culinary experiences by day: Selected by client

  • Hotel: Stay at a very unique traditional inn - art fusion with Japanese architecture

Day Three: Sailing to Mt. Fuji

  • Port experiences

  • Charter boat towards Fuji to catch the sunset

  • Travel towards Atami - resort area on volcanic stone, spa and onsen bathing

Day Four: Landscape Art

  • Deep Modern Art experiences

  • Travel towards Hakone - Shinto experience

  • Hot springs, exclusive dining and sake pairings

Day Five: Road Towards a Sacred Lake

  • Depart Hakone for Kyoto via bullet train

  • UNESCO world heritage with VIP access

  • Lake Biwa overnight - Miidera monastery

Day Six: Meditation

  • Biwa Lake to Arashiyama along the rivers

  • Overnight at Hoshinoya

Day Seven: Valleys and Rivers

  • Arashiyama to Tori-moto village, bamboo forest path

  • Hozu River experience on traditional boats

  • Return to the holy mountain Arashiyama

Day Eight: The Garden

  • Arashiyama to Zen temples

  • Miyahama Onsen, special ryokan with garden and island view of Miyajima

Day Nine: On the Waves

  • Miyajima excursion via Guntu, traditional inn and floating hotel

Day Ten: Serenity on the Sea

  • Guntu Cruise 

Day Eleven: Matsuyama: Castle Town

  • Transfer to Matsuyama via helicopter

  • Overnight at Aonagi, modern Japanese architecture

Day Twelve: Sad Sayonara

  • Our treasured guests return to their homes

  • We wait until you come and see us again for your next new experience


These are only but a few select experiences that are available to our guests. Some require negotiations and personal introductions through trusted intermediaries.

  • Private access to Tokyo’s top Modern Art Scene Galleries and Exhibitions

  • Try your hand with hammer and anvil and work with a master katana blacksmith

  • Experience Zen with masters in the art

  • Meet artists who preserve vanishing traditional cultural art forms and methods

  • Come into unique Japanese environments: fish markets, sumo training, traditional music

  • Exclusive private sushi chef makes your meal. Impossible reservations secured.

  • Meet authentic temple monks who will guide you in meditation

  • Stay overnight in a Japanese temple and sit in on early morning prayers

  • Private tours into temples, learn about Buddhism and Shintoism from monks and priests


For questions or booking inquiries

Please email us at

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