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TL Advisor Just Back From: Stephanie Williamson, 1Hotel South Beach

Everything appeals to the senses - the scent (called "kindling" and available in candle form!), the low lighting and soft hues, and the overall feeling of comfort. They not only care about their guests here, but also about sustainability and the environment. LEED Silver certified, this property is alive, with plants and moss everywhere you look (no cut flowers here!). From the reclaimed wood chips used as room keys to the materials used in the actual building process, their commitment to the cause is apparent.

Not to miss: the list of happenings available to all guests, which changes monthly. This is posted throughout the property, but is most conveniently accessible via the 1Hotel app, which serves double-duty as a communication tool with the hotel throughout your stay, eliminating the need for another phone or iPad in the room.

TRAVELLUSTRE Preferred Partner "Perks

  • Complimentary daily breakfast

  • Prioritized upgrade on arrival (based on availability)

  • $100 resort credit (use for spa, food & beverage), etc.

  • Prioritized early check in/late check out (based on availability)

To plan a trip to South Beach contact


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