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Stephanie Williamson Just Back From Provence, France

Name of Advisor

Stephanie Williamson


Provence, France

Accommodations and/or DMC/On Site

DMC = Decouvertes

Hotels = Les Roches Blanches (Cassis), Hotel Dieu Intercontinental (Marseille), Villa Gallici (Aix-en-Provence), Domaine de Fontenille (Lauris), La Mirande (Avignon)

How to get to

It's best/easiest to either fly into Marseille airport (MRS) or to take the TGV train from Paris to either Marseille, Avignon, or Aix (about 3 hours).

Recommended For (families, couples, corporate, celebrations, etc)

Absolutely everyone. This region is great for families of all ages, for couples (including honeymooners), groups of friends, etc.

Not-to-be-Missed Experience or Activity

Exploring the villages of Provence, such as Beaux-en-Provence or Gordes. You'll drive by lavender fields, see remnants of old structures originally built by peasants thousands of years ago (and still standing), and just generally enjoy the views. It's absolutely beautiful.

Favorite culinary aspect of the hotel or region

Provence is known for some different things, including wines (some really excellent whites and roses) and baked goods (such as the calisson cookies). All of the hotels had excellent dining options (including Michelin starred restaurants), most of them being Relais & Chateaux properties. While here, try pastis as an aperitif, prior to your evening meal. It has a distinct licorice flavor and you'll either love or hate it - I personally quite enjoy it!

The chef's table at La Mirande is also quite an experience (and in a beautiful location!).

Favorite Wellness aspect of the hotel or region

The spas at all hotels were incredible - especially at Les Roches Blanches in Cassis.

Favorite amenity 

Homemade jam/jelly from Domaine des Fontenilles, local white wine from Cassis at Roches Blanches, and all of the dried lavender you can handle (perfect for throwing into dirty laundry bags and/or suitcases!).

Kudos to: refers to a guide, chef, member of hotel team, etc. that went out of their way

Marion at Decouvertes - our hostess for the trip. She organized an incredibly experience-rich trip!

Additional Remarks

Provence is a great option for those who have been to Tuscany and enjoyed it, as they're quite similar in landscape.

Please list the Virtuoso amenities and any other special touches they add for our clients

A few of these properties are Virtuoso, so the regular amenities apply. However, any of the options that aren't Virtuoso are happy to add on amenities for our clients.


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