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TL Advisor Stephanie Williamson Just Back From Maldives



Accommodations and/or DMC/On Site

DMC: Giltedge

Accommodations: Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani, and Joali BEING

How to get to

Nonstop flights from Boston to either Doha or Dubai, followed by a 4-hour flight to Male. From there, it's about a 40-minute seaplane ride.

Recommended For

Soneva Fushi - anyone and everyone, families included - I genuinely feel everyone should come here at least once.

Soneva Jani - families are certainly welcome, but I don't feel they have as "family friendly" of a vibe as Soneva Fushi. This would be perfect for couples' trips and/or a getaway with a group of friends.

Joali BEING - couples, corporate, adults only. They are going to experiment with opening this up to older children (14+), but I believe adults will have a better experience here. Perfect for a wellness reset - you leave here feeling rejuvenated.

Not-to-be-Missed Experience or Activity

The Maldives are well-known for their excellent snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. Soneva Fushi has a house reef, making it easier. Soneva Jani and Joali BEING don't have house reefs, but offer boat excursions to get you into the water to see turtles, manta rays, and reef sharks.

The different well-being classes and opportunities at Joali Being are definitely unique and worth experiencing as well, such as making your own fragrance in the scent lab using natural oils.

Favorite culinary aspect of the hotel or region

Absolutely everything. Every single property has incredible dining options. The ziplining to either breakfast or dinner at Soneva Fushi is certainly unique.

Favorite Wellness aspect of the hotel or region

All have great wellness aspects to them - incredible, whole, foods...biking around the island...thoughtful and peaceful spas.

Joali BEING definitely has the wellness aspect down though. They offer a variety of treatments, including sound healing (which is a unique experience), cryotherapy, and a tailored fitness program. The guests can participate in as little or as much as they'd like, but they have the option to use cold rooms (where ice is constantly dispensed into a bucket), the Himalayan salt room, steam rooms, saunas, etc. Their spa and treatments are excellent as well - to be expected.

Kudos to

Every single person. Everyone is genuinely happy to see you and stops what they're doing to greet you. They will go out of their way to help you. Everyone stands out at these three properties. They're all truly special.

Additional Remarks

These are places that I can see guests returning to time after time. Especially Soneva Fushi. It's a special place with understated luxury that succeeds in making you feel wanted, appreciated, and like you're right at home.

TRAVELLUSTRE Preferred Partner "Perks

  • Complimentary Breakfast

  • $100 spa credit

  • Early check in and late check out (when available)

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